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Movie Reviews > Sadda Adda

Producer Rajeev Agarwal, Ramesh B. Agarwal,Tarun R. Agarwal 
Director Muazzam Beg 
Music Director Shamir Tandon  
Cast Karanvir Sharma, Rohin Robert, Bhaumik Sampat, Kunal Pant, Rohit Arora, Shaurya Chauhan, Kahkkashan Aryan, Parimal Aloke, Maryam Zakaria 


Now this is a coincidence. This weeks SADDA ADDA as well as TUTIYA DIL seem inspired, to an extent, by last years sleeper hit PYAAR KA PUNCHNAMA. Not TUTIYA DIL as much, actually. But one can draw parallels between PYAAR KA PUNCHNAMA and SADDA ADDA for sure. Thankfully, one can label SADDA ADDA as a mere imitation, since the film has its moments of sunshine and glory.

Like most films that focus on Gen X, one may assume that SADDA ADDA falls in the category of coming of age film with liberal doses of sex. Writer-director Muazzam Beg sets out to narrate a story about six buddies and how each of them encounters roadblocks and barriers, personally and professionally, while chasing their dreams. One of them, sadly, has a bitter end. Its more of a slice of life film that mirrors the hardships of the urban youth. Having said that, Id like to add that SADDA ADDA isn without its share of blemishes. More on that later!

SADDA ADDA is about how six bachelors, with completely different backgrounds and personalities, live together. Their apartment Sadda Adda is a complete mess with empty beer bottles, cigarette butts, unwashed clothes, mattresses tossed all over the floor etc., yet they cook, clean, buy groceries, pay rent, laugh, cry, fight over insignificant issues and always stand up for each other -- like a family.

SADDA ADDA, actually, takes a long time to come to the point. In fact, theres not much movement in the story in the first hour, since its devoted to establishing the characters and the bonhomie that the youngsters share. But Beg ensures that the first hour has its share of some wonderful, laden-with-wit moments that keep you engrossed. The turning point in the story comes at the interval point, expectedly.

Its in the post-interval portions that the wheels start moving. Nope, its not a great script -- you can guess whats in store next at times -- but Beg handles the multiple stories maturely. The best sub-plot is that of Karanvir Sharma, who enacts the role of a failed actor and how he rises from the ashes. Rohin Roberts plot is abruptly cut short, while Bhaumik Sampats story is predictable, yet relatable and Rohitt Aroras tale provides occasional laughs. The fifth story -- Kunal Pant -- lacks meat. Despite the hiccups, SADDA ADDA keeps you engaged in its second hour due to the twists and turns in the story. In fact, the penultimate 20 odd minutes are the mainstay of the film, with the emotional moments making you moist-eyed. The end, luckily, gives you a positive vibe.

While the cinematography is okay, the music gels well with the mood of the film. How one wishes the songs were aggressively promoted, prior to the release, especially the title track. The dialogue are funny and witty.

The boys are much better than the girls. Also because the girls have nothing substantial to do. Karanvir Sharma is the scene-stealer, while Bhaumik Sampat is a complete natural. Rohin Robert is decent, Rohitt Arora is alright, while Kunal Pant is fair. Parimal Aloke gets into the skin of the character. The girls opposite Karanvir [Shaurya Chauhan] and Bhaumik [Kahkkashan Aryan] are passable.

On the whole, SADDA ADDA is a decent attempt, but will have to rely on a strong word of mouth to sustain.  

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